TriDAR - Picture taken by NASA

Automated Rendezvous and Docking Sensor

Neptec’s TriDAR combines the optical design of a space qualified, near field Laser Camera System (based on triangulation) with a long-range Time-of-Flight (LiDAR) system. TriDAR operates at distances ranging from 5 metres to over 2000 metres without sacrificing speed or precision at either end of the range.


Neptec’s 3D Automated Rendezvous and Docking Sensor (AR&D) system is based on two Neptec innovations: the TriDAR 3D sensor and Neptec’s 3D Intelligence (3Di) software toolkit. This combination of hardware and software creates a dynamic, powerful and resourceful system which enables efficient and reliable docking without the need for traditional target arrays.

TriDAR combines a short-range, high-precision triangulation optics with a mid to long-range Time-of-Flight LiDAR sensor. This proprietary optical design produces a sensor dynamic range unparalleled among LiDARs. Data quality at 2000 meters matches the data quality at 5 meters, with no low intensity dropouts or high intensity saturation, all while using the same detection settings and laser output power.

STS-128 TriDAR patch STS-131 TriDAR patch STS-135 TriDAR patch
TriDAR Safety Label