Welcome to our Company

Neptec Design Group Ltd. is an experienced spaceflight engineering company. Neptec specializes in the development, production, integration, operation and support of intelligent spaceflight sensors, payloads, instruments and equipment. We are proud of our history of solving tough challenges and mission-critical problems for customers who do not view failure as an option. Our vision is to have our products and services continue to make important contributions to successful space missions worldwide.

The only definition of success that matters to Neptec is our customer’s mission success.


Latest Technology


Automated Rendezvous and Docking Sensors

Neptec’s TriDAR combines the optical design of a space qualified, near field Laser Camera System (based on triangulation) with a long-range Time-of-Flight (LiDAR) system. TriDAR operates at distances ranging from 5 metres to over 2000 metres without sacrificing speed or precision at either end of the range.


ExoMars Navigation and Localisation Cameras

ExoMars is a European Space Agency (ESA) Programme in international cooperation with multiple space agencies that will explore the surface and sub-surface of Mars in 2020. Neptec Design Group has been contracted by ExoMars Navigation and Localisation CamerasAirbus Defense and Space to develop and deliver the ExoMars Cameras (EXMC).

The EXMC is a stereo camera, with a mass lass than 800 g, peak power consumption less than 2.5W, unprecedented accuracy over a wide temperature range, automatic distortion correction, and the ability to survive harsh Martian environment without heaters.