Artemis Jr Rover Automated Rendezvous and Docking Sensor Space-IR Camera Rover Systems Integrator

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George M. Low AwardNeptec Design Group Ltd. is an experienced spaceflight engineering company. Neptec specializes in the development, production, integration, operation and support of intelligent spaceflight sensors, payloads, instruments and equipment. We are proud of our history of solving tough challenges and mission-critical problems for customers who do not view failure as an option. Our vision is to have our products and services continue to make important contributions to successful space missions worldwide.

Neptec achieved the highest possible contractor performance rating from NASA three years in a row; and in 2011, was recognized with the George M. Low Award, NASA’s premier award for quality and performance. This marked the first time a non-American company has won since the award was established in 1985.

Neptec is privately held and operates as Neptec Design Group Ltd. which develops innovative technologies and systems for the Space market, and Neptec Technologies Corp., an affiliated company, that focuses on the migration of Neptec’s technology to terrestrial markets.

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