Canada is Bringing Hollywood Technology to Life- Doc in a Box

  McGill University and Neptec are working together to develop an operational concept called the Advanced Crew Medical System (ACMS). Commonly referred to among Neptec employees as “Doc in a Box,” this technology is similar to technology seen in the movie Passengers, which was released in December. In the movie, (spoiler alert – stop reading […]

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In-Situ Resource Extraction

Mankind is beginning to explore beyond Low Earth Orbit (the International Space Station is an example of a spacecraft in low earth orbit).  Until now, we have always had to include all of the resources, such as water and fuel that will be needed on a mission in the spacecraft when we launch from Earth. […]

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Proba-3 Mission

Fascinated by innovative space technology? Click here to have a look at the European Space Agency’s interesting article on Proba-3. According to the ESA’s website, “Proba-3 is the world’s first precision formation flying mission. A pair of satellites will fly together maintaining a fixed configuration as a ‘large rigid structure’ in space to prove formation flying […]

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