A Vision For Space

ASVS Was the First Personal Computer-Based Real-Time Machine Vision System

historyRecognizing a need developing at NASA for a machine vision system to help astronauts assemble the International Space Station, Neptec secured the support of the Canadian Space Agency and built the Advanced Space Vision System (ASVS). Demonstrating the ASVS prototype at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston in 1992, this was the first personal computer-based real time machine vision system ever produced. This early success led to Neptec receiving additional contracts for technology advancement. In 1995, Neptec delivered a more advanced prototype system that was used by NASA on the space shuttle Atlantis to install a Docking Module onto the Russian MIR space station.

Neptec received its first NASA contract over ten years ago — a contract to develop and deliver Space Vision Systems for the shuttle and for the space station. Subsequent work included development of equipment to automate calibration of flight cameras, support for investigations, development of three-dimensional sensors for on-orbit inspection and development of a three-dimensional rendezvous and docking sensor prototype.

Beyond Space

Achieving Exceptional Results

Neptec has built a solid reputation as an efficient, responsive supplier to the space industry. Neptec staff continues to impress clients with their professionalism, dedication and ability to deliver on commitments. Neptec has achieved exceptional results by adopting superior operating standards and is building on its expertise and experience in the space sector. Stressing customer satisfaction through quality and responsiveness, Neptec works to ensure that customers perceive higher than normal value for the cost of equipment and services supplied.

Recognizing that diversification of the business base is important for the long-term health of the company, Neptec’s directors and management made a strategic decision to expand into new areas. In 2000, Neptec began an aggressive research and development program to diversify its technology base and expand into new markets. The result is the development of a core technology stressing intelligent three dimensional data collection and processing. This technology, referred to as ‘3Di’, enables new and innovative solutions to critical challenges in a variety of markets.

Neptec features sensor product lines for the space, defense and industrial automation markets in addition to the established shuttle program providing machine vision systems to NASA for robotic operations and on-orbit inspection.